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1993 Jul Established New Century Development Between Japan & China Company (capital 34 million yen)
1996 Apr Company name changed to Japan China Development
1998 Oct Capital fund increased to 50 million yen
2001 May Capital fund increased to 80 million yen
Jun Established MNC in Beijing
Jul Obtained ICP license from Chinese Ministry of Information Industry. (MNC)
Sep Capital fund increased to 130 million yen
Nov Capital fund increased to 180.44 million yen
2002 May Upon commercial test commencement of China Mobile's mobile VAS "Monternet", became the first Japanese ICP company to provide mobile contents (ringtones, standby displays, and text info) in China; actual billing started in September. (MNC)
Oct Capital fund increased to 255.14 million yen
2003 Jul Upon commencement of China Unicom's pay mobile VAS "Uni-Wise", started to provide mobile contents (ringtones, standby displays, text info, and mini-games). (MNC)
2004 Jan Forms business partnership with Wicresoft (joint venture of Shanghai city govt and U.S. Microsoft) for outsourcing-to-China business
May Capital fund increased to 271.26 million yen
Apr Established ALK in Beijing
Jun Obtained 2nd-carrier SP license for all of China from Chinese Ministry of Information Industry. (MNC)
Oct Became the first to sell 2D barcode electronic movie tickets in China. (MNC)
Capital fund increased to 680 million yen
2005 Nov Established ELT, an electronic movie ticket company, in Beijing, jointly with Beijing Bosheng Yuanxian Movie and TV Technology Co., Ltd. (MNC)
2006 Jan Capital fund increased to 880 million yen
Nov Established LP in Beijing and entered digital music production business. (MNC)
2007 Feb Invested in Legend Silicon Corp., a prime vendor of DTV IC chips
Apr Split JCD's system solution business into JCDS; JCD maintained its investment consulting and incubation businesses.
Sep With Zero2IPO, a Chinese investment information firm, jointly organized CVCF (China Venture Capital & Private Equity Forum), which deals with venture and PE investments in China. Has organized CVCF every autumn since then.
With Chinese Enterpreneurs Financial Forum Commission, jointly organized a forum for investment and finance at the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, which was a major international networking evemt attended by Chinese economic people from all over the world (the 9th convention was held in Japan).
Nov Invested in Beijing QD and entered healthcare information business. (JCD, MNC)
2008 Feb Invested in Shandong Deosen, a major producer of food additives in China. (Navi Fund)
May Invested in Airway Communications, a Chinese mobile broadband carrier.
Jun Strcutured Navi Fund, a fund for investment towards venture firms developing businesses in China.
2009 Jun Invested in Innofidei, a major chip vendor for CMMB. (Navi Fund)
2010 Feb Served as financial advisor for capital tie-up between Chinese-owned Merlion Holdings and Honma Golf, Japan's well-established golf-club manufacturer
Jun Executed capital tie-up with Suzuyo Shinwart via stock transfer and expanded scope of business partnership. (JCDS)
Jul Invested in Buchang Pharmacy, a major manufacturer of Chinese medicine. (Navi Fund)
2011 Apr Became board member company of All-China Federation of Industry and Finance's New Energy Chamber
Jun Served as financial advisor for acquisition of Japanese golf courses by an investment subsidiary of a major Chinese corporation
2013 Apr Started capital and business partnership business between Japanese companies and companies of China and South East Asia, e.g. Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.
Jul Commemorated the 20th annivessary of JCD's establishment
2014 Feb Recocated our office from Higashi-ueno Taito-ku to Harumi Chuo-ku.
2017 Feb Recocated our office from Harumi Chuo-ku to Kioicho Chiyoda-ku.