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Since its establishment in 1993, JCD has offered a range of consulting services supporting business entry into the Chinese market and business development in the country. In recent years, we have established firm, global business relationships with overseas Chinese, especially those of Southeast Asian countries. Using our experience and local networks, we are able to propose the most suitable plans for Japanese companies’ entries into China and Southeast Asia.


The JCD Group owns and manages  IT companies in both Japan and China, and as such, we have strong connections and abundant experience in system development and mobile-internet related areas in both countries. We can offer a full flow of services, including market research, base establishment, business alliance matching, sales support, software and system localization to any IT company seeking entry into the Chinese market.


Using our alliance with Beijing’s Sanjia Hospital (ranked highest-class), Chinese pharmaceutical companies, and China Healthcare Association and Health Newspaper (both belonging to China’s Ministry of Health), we can readily perform market researches and support acquisition of various government permits and licenses. We also have experience in introduction of sales channels such as pharmacy and cosmetics chains, online shops, and other marketing means (word-of-mouth marketing, TV marketing, etc.).

Recently, the Japanese government has addressed healthcare, notably regenerative medicine and export of healthcare, as one of its major development areas. Against such backdrop, JCD is currently undertaking practical realization of regenerative medicine in China, Thailand, and Indonesia with its partner and client companies.

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